Puddles, Mud, Laughter and Love for the Great Outdoors

An adventure, a proper adventure full of surprise and joy took place just yesterday. If the impression has ever been made that I am the leader to these adventures….that is only sometimes correct. Yes, I am most definitely the chauffeur but rarely do I get to set the pace or decide when we start and stop. I leave the fun things up to Owen. I’m mostly kidding but then again he is very spoiled, loved to pieces and does get a bit bossy from time to time. 

Yesterday afternoon was one of those times. I was sitting down intending to get some work done but Owen had his own plans for the afternoon which included taking a walk. I knew he was right and the gorgeous day outside was calling. Several minutes later we were loaded up in the car and on the way to the walking path along the creek that runs through town. 

About a mile down the convenience of a paved bike path, we found a dirt trail that leads up the side of what is referred to as “M” Hill. One of the most magical parts to living in the Black Hills is you do not have to go far to find nature’s wonders. You can even stumble upon them on a Monday afternoon walk with your dog. 

I decided that it was the perfect day to go exploring and the adventure was on. 

Owen was wagging his tail even more at this point and over the moon excited about being on a proper trail. There was snow here and there at first but good hiking conditions over all. The fun really started about half way through when the snow covered trail turned into mud. Owen was unconcerned and enjoyed standing in puddles and trekking along as if it were his ideal conditions for a walk. I couldn’t help but laugh when I had enough mud on the bottom of my athletic shoes to remind me of 90s platform shoes. 

A more adventurous soul than I, was out for a run on the same trail. He was an older gentleman that passed us, I told him he was brave to run in those conditions. He just chuckled and told us that his wife had reminded him “If he fell and hit his head, it wouldn’t make a difference”. He told us to have fun and kept on running down the muddy trail. 

We did have fun and were both very tired by the end of our 5 mile adventure. I was very grateful for a dog swing in my car to keep my seats clean. It has truly been a saving grace and is a permanent resident in the back seat of my car. Owen jumped right in with no extra prompting and was eager to stick his head out the window all the way home. 

I feel absolutely blessed to be able to get out and enjoy sunny days again. Owen is the best exploring buddy because he reminds me that there is more to life than working. Spring time is just around the corner and I am grateful that it will allow for more puddles, mud, laughter and love for the great outdoors. 

Today we are setting out for the heart of the Black Hills for a walk down the Needles Highway. This is something that can only be done during the winter due to it being closed for vehicles. Check out Instagram (Surpriseadventures) for more photos of our “M” Hill adventure and for today’s exploration as well. 

What recent adventures have you been on ? Do you have fur babies that go along with you, or in my case instigate the outing? I would love to get to know my readers more.

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